Tornado PDO Threads

  • PDO Tornado Screw Thread

    1. Uses a specifically formulated thread made of biodegradable protein.
    2. Provide less pressure by using a very thin and narrow thread.
    3. Can perform a total face lift.
    4. A short procedure, taking about 50 minutes including before and after care.
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  • Tornado PDO Thread Lift

    Twisted of single lift thread accelerates stimulation that enhance development of collagen when injected into dermis. Twisted threads are thicker and stronger than single thread and not only the longer but make skin look firmer by stronger lift effect. Gauge details Other main...
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  • Tornado PDO Thread

    Introduce The tornado thread pdo is much thicker than mono and screw threads, so its special suitable for some deep wrinkles. Specifications Main products Why choose us? 1. Various types of threads enable to customize each patient’s unique needs and skin type. 2. Precisely...
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