Cog PDO Threads

  • 4D Cog PDO Thread

    The latest multi-directional 4D cog thread lasts longer, gives more powerful and visible lift effect by holding sagging facial soft tissue in three in three dimensions. With 360°helical bears design, 4D cog fixed and support the skin tissue in various directions. Gauge...
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  • Blunt Cannula PDO Cog Thread

    Cog thread with blunt needle, are used for the Lifting. These threads have tiny barbs on the entire length of the thread to gather tissue to lift the cheeks and sagging skin of where the threads are placed. This technique produces a more dramatic and immediate result. The...
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  • 4D Cog L-type Needle PDO Thread

    Strong skin lifting and tightening
    Skin rejuvenation and whitening
    Wrinkle removal
    Skin trouble removal
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  • Cog Semi-blunt PDO Thread Lift

    Threads are implanted into the sub-dermal skin and stimulate the production of collagen and the skin becomes firmer, elastic and moisturized. The thread dissolves itself in few months but the effect lasts longer than the regular dermal filler.
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  • Cog PDO Sharp Needle Lift

    PDO mono barbed thread has outstanding anchoring strength and tensile property than normal cut thread. Such characteristics offer great face and body lifting effect, which is immediate and long-lasting. Another advantage is that perfect measurement of cog prevents thread...
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  • 4D Cog Sharp Needle PDO Thread

    Instroduction Mono is most representative and known widely. Most often used for skin elasticity through self-stimulation of cells. There is no interrupt in a daily life even right after the procedure and the efficiency becomes even more increased with age. In addition, there...
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  • 4D Cog PDO W-type Needle

    4D cog PDO with blunt needle, Thread Material, made of PDO (Polydioxanone) material, absorbable suture, different needle lengths using for different body parts. Stainless Steel Needle: Imported Japan stainless steel needle, which has great puncture strength with good rigidity...
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  • 4D Cog PDO Thread Two Needles

    Q: What is the MOQ ? Can I mix with different models?
    A: Mono/screw-1000pcs, cog-100pcs
    Q: How long does the effect of PDO thread last?
    A: The thread can be absorbed by the body for about 6-8 months, the effect is sustainable for about 2 years
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  • Cog Thread PDO

    ◈ Authentic lifting procedure by using PDO thread.
    ◈ Minimal invasive procedure.
    ◈ Do not need general anesthesia.
    ◈ Safe & short operation time.
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