Surgical Suture Classification
Oct 10, 2018

Absorbable line

Absorbable sutures are further divided into: gut, chemically synthesized (PGA), and pure natural collagen sutures depending on the material and degree of absorption.

1. Sheep gut: It is made from the healthy animal sheep and goat intestines and contains collagen components. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the thread after suturing. Medical gut line: common gut line and chrome gut line, both can be absorbed. The length of time required for absorption depends on the thickness of the gut and the condition of the tissue. It is generally absorbed in 6 to 20 days, but the individual differences affect the absorption process or even absorption. At present, the gut is made of disposable aseptic packaging, which is convenient to use.

(1) Ordinary gut: an easily absorbable suture made from the submucosal tissue of the gut or bovine intestine. Absorption is fast, but the tissue responds slightly to the gut. It is often used to heal faster blood vessels or subcutaneous tissue to ligature blood vessels and suture infected wounds. Generally used in mucosal layers such as uterus and bladder

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