PGA Needle Stitching Features
Oct 10, 2018

*It has the characteristics of safe use, strong tension, low tissue reaction and good wound healing.

* Synthetic absorbable suture, safe to use, good effect, low tissue response, good wound healing

* Multi-strand tight weaving technology to reduce the possibility of breakage, tensile strength is much higher than silk and gut

* Safe and reliable absorption, simple hydrolysis process, minimal reaction with surrounding tissues, absorption after 15 days of implanted tissue, large absorption after 30 days, safe absorption from 60 to 90 days, and the absorption process is stable and predictable.

*The catabolic product has a bacteriostatic effect, which makes the wound heal better.

* Patented lubricated coating on the suture surface to make the wire body smoother and easy to penetrate the tissue

*The suture is soft and feels good. The doctor has convenient operation, the wire knot is easy to position, no wear, and the nodule is firm and reliable.

* Single-root packaging, can be used after disassembly, and can be customized according to the requirements of clinicians

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