Non-absorbable Line
Oct 10, 2018

That is, the suture cannot be absorbed by the tissue, so the suture needs to be removed after suturing. The specific suture removal time varies according to the suture site and the wound and the patient's condition. When the wound is well healed and there is no abnormality such as infection, the face and neck are removed 4~5 days; the lower abdomen and perineum are 6~7 days; Chest, upper abdomen, back, buttocks 7~9 days; limbs 10~12 days, the proximal joints can be extended, and the sutures can be removed 14 days. For special cases such as malnutrition and large incision tension, it may be considered to appropriately extend the time of suture removal. Adolescents can shorten the time of suture removal. Older, diabetic, and chronically ill patients can delay the time of suture removal. If there are obvious infections such as redness, swelling, heat and pain after the wound, the thread should be removed in advance. 

The line should be delayed in the following cases:

1. Severe anemia, weight loss, mild cachexia.

2. Serious water loss or water and electrolyte imbalance has not been corrected.

3. Elderly patients and infants.

4. When the cough is not controlled, the chest and abdomen incision should be delayed.

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