V face lifting basic information
Oct 10, 2018

Currently, the PDO line used in V-face lifting has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the highest level of safety. After a series of practical experience, it has been verified that it can overcome the current use of minimally invasive wrinkle and anti-aging, face-lifting The shortcomings of short maintenance time have a good continuous pulling effect.

V face lifting uses a new generation of 100% absorbable PDO collagen lines, which are layered on the skin and form regular interlacing. PDO lines distributed at different levels will be tightly wrapped by the subcutaneous tissue, and each interlacing point becomes powerful. Support point. The PDO line stimulates and activates the skin's own repair function during the process of absorption, so that the collagen continues to proliferate, thereby improving the sagging phenomenon of the skin.

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