Medical suture needle characteristics
Oct 10, 2018

(1) High-quality stainless steel, the needle body can be continuously bent after repeated bending.

(2) The puncture force is good, and the needle body is coated to make the needle body smoother, and it is easier to puncture the skin tissue than other suture needles.

(3) The needle tip remains sharp after passing through the body tissue several times.

(4) The advanced heat treatment technology keeps the steel from being quite hard and is not easily deformed by use.

(5) Using the advanced needle-tail laser longitudinal perforating technology, the needle thread connection is almost integrated into one, which becomes a truly harmless suture needle.

(6) Angle needle type: Contrary to other brands of suture triangle needles, the anti-triangle needle type with smaller trauma is used.

(7) Meet the industry standard for medical suture needles.

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