Injection application
Oct 10, 2018

At present, hyaluronic acid injection is mainly used in ophthalmic surgery, that is, a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid injection solution is injected into the eye as a viscoelastic liquid to maintain the normal shape and function of the eyeball. In addition, it is also widely used in the treatment of degenerative arthritis and the application of arthroscopic surgery. In recent years, hyaluronic acid injection has also gradually developed into the application of anti-adhesion and drug release after surgery. After the operation, the surface of the originally separated tissue may cause abnormal tissue sticking due to the wound caused by the opening of the knife.

Pain and intestinal obstruction are easy to occur after abdominal surgery, and gastrointestinal surgery can cause pain in the pelvic cavity or even infertility. Hyaluronic acid injection has become the hottest topic in the application of skin moisturizing, anti-aging and plastic surgery.

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