Hyaluronic acid injection method
Oct 10, 2018

Animal organization

Animal tissue: The main raw materials are cockscomb and bovine eye glass. The raw material is degreased and dehydrated with acetone or ethanol, soaked in distilled water, filtered, and then treated with an aqueous solution of sodium chloride and chloroform, followed by incubation with trypsin to obtain a mixed solution, and finally treated with an ion exchanger to obtain purified hyaluronic acid. injection. The extraction rate of this method is extremely low, only about 1%, and the separation process is complicated, which makes the hyaluronic acid injection expensive, reaching $5,000/kg, which limits the large amount of use in cosmetics.

Microbial fermentation

Microbial fermentation: glucose as a carbon source fermentation broth. The fermentation was carried out for 48 hours in the medium, and after the completion of the fermentation, the mycelium and the impurities were removed by filtration, and then a high-purity product was obtained by a simple operation such as an alcohol precipitation method. The hyaluronic acid injection produced by the fermentation method has the advantage that the molecular weight can be set according to the design of the product. The key to the fermentation method is the selection of strains. Currently, Streptococcus and Lactobacillus are used.

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