Double line bamboo pole
Oct 10, 2018

Double-lined bamboo scorpion (scientific name: Calathea sanderiana (Sander) Gentil): Phyllostachys pubescens, genus Phyllostachys pubescens. Plant height up to 100 cm, leaves long elliptic, capitate, small sepal membranous; sepals nearly equal; corolla tube and sepals hard leather, capsules cleaved into 3 petals, seeds triangular.

Produced in Brazil, South America and Central America. Hi warm, humid and semi-shaded environment. Because the plant is shade-tolerant, it is very suitable for the landscaping and greening of the home interior decoration. It can be placed in a bright room for a long time, and it can be placed in a dark room for 4-6 weeks, so it has no influence on its growth, so it can be placed in a dark room for a long time. good.

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